Our relationship with nature and a genuine down-to-earth feeling help to appreciate the essential things in life. We are convinced farmers, and do our best to preserve the agricultural heritage by passing it on from one generation to the next. Nature is a gift promising strength and safety in everyday life on a farm. We try to give something in return - with all our love we take care about the products we supplied to our valuable customers.

We are engaged in Contract farming which is defined as a system for the production and supply of agriculture/horticulture produce under forward contract between producers/suppliers and farmers. The essence of such an arrangement is the commitment of the producer/seller to provide an agriculture commodity of certain type at a time and in the quantity required by a known and committed buyer. Farmers are required to plant the contractors crop on his land and to harvest and deliver to the contractor a quantum of produce based upon anticipated yield and contracted acreage. This could be at pre-agreed price.

To establish an agrarian economy that ensure food and nutrition security to a population of over a billion, raw material for its expanding industrial base, surplus for export and a fair and equitable rewarding system for the farming is no doubt a reliable alternative farming model which provide reliable input service to farmers and desired farm produce to the contracting firms. Several Indian and multinational companies have already began such initiative in India and have demonstrated repeated success.